Monday, 10 December 2012

Good Porn


So I eventually suffered from Porn overload. I took a break and thought how unsatisfied I am with the porn out there and that lead me to think about what I really want....

First off when I see a guy fucking a women I want him to be HARD. There is nothing more off-putting than seeing a guy with half a hard-on trying to have sex. REALLY! Oh, and he mustn't be pig ugly. I don't want to see him being aggressive either or holding her by the throat, there is a niche for that and it should not be in mainstream porn. I want to see him treating her like a goddess. I want him to know that he is so lucky to be having sex with her and he should treat it as an honour.

The girls do NOT have to be hot. They must not be pig ugly either. They absolutely must enjoy having sex and they MUST be able to convey this through facial expressions. I want them to look like this is the most erotic awesome session they have ever experienced. They must NEVER apply spit to their pussies because they are not turned-on enough to be wet. They absolutely MUST be wet and we should see this in a close up, it must be natural. Applying spit to the guy's cock just before he enters her is also not allowed. I would LOVE to see that they have an almighty nipple stand during sex - I know that this is not always possible, as some women cannot get them - BUT it makes a huge difference because it is another indicator that she is LOVING the session. I like natural tits and would love to see a move towards more natural boobies. Seeing a girl bouncing up and down and witnessing the outline of silicone bags beneath the skin of her boobs is AWFUL! I would like to see more hair. I don't like these ridiculously hairy women that look like they are about to go all twilight on you, but I do love a neatly trimmed bush - it is sexy. Now this is down to personal taste so how about at least 50/50 ratio of shaved vs natural. If the girl is to have anal she MUST enjoy it, if the guy is too big for her to enjoy then the director must respond accordingly. Having a girl valiantly trying to pretend she is enjoying it while her face is creased in pain is HORRIBLE!

Girls are so sexy in clothes. Mainstream porn either starts with them nude or they are nude in seconds. This is bad.When I walk down the street, I love looking at women and it is a lot to do with what they are wearing. I REALLY want to see them naked and imagine what they look like. You want to be teased, to imagine what is under there. If you watch porn and just want to see them naked, you can skip ahead. I want to see her slowly losing her clothes. Look at the beauty below - how sexy is that?

I want it to be like opening a present, not ripping the paper off, but slowly revealing what is hidden. Imagine slowly unbuttoning the clothes of the girl below...

Clothes can be so sexy and it is a shame they do not use them more to tease. This also feeds into a scenario which I address later, using clothing to create excitement, anticipation and lust BEFORE anything happens. Here is a clip that has no nudity and yet is so sexy:

The Plumber

Obviously, the clips are nver going to satisfy all the requirements but will just highlight one or more of the criteria. Here is an example of a hairy pussy that ticks all the boxes:

Hairy Pussy

She also looks like she is really enjoying this and she has a great nipple stand!!

Here is a mature woman having a nice fuck:

Wanda Lust Gets Fucked

Please send me any examples of porn you think is fantastic!